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Academic Work

I’m a doctoral student based at Loughborough University‘s School of the Arts, English and Drama. Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering who the heck thought it’d be a good idea to omit the Oxford comma in my School’s name.

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, with a major in Book & Media Studies and minors in Anthropology and Writing & Rhetoric. Upon graduation, I was nominated for a Governor General’s Silver Medal in Arts for achieving the highest CGPA of all female Innis College graduates enrolled in arts programmes.

For my final year’s directed research project (supervised by Professor Joseph Goering), I catalogued all extant copies of a 1215 summa, and developed a ‘research catalogue’ format intended for use in undergraduate teaching modules. I can’t post that project here, but here’s a prize-winning poster I made about my work.

Also, because every so often someone from my undergrad will choose to haunt me with this video, I’ve decided to just own up to having written a song about evolutionary anthropology. This song was featured on episode 86 of Dogma Debate.

I earned my master’s degree in the History of the Book from the Institute of English Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. For my dissertation (supervised by Professor Michelle Brown), I compared books from the 1960s/70s American counterculture to medieval manuscripts. Click here to read my MA dissertation.

Click here to learn more about my doctoral research on natural language generation.

Think you may have met me at a conference?
Click here for a page that lists all of the conferences I’ve recently attended.
If I presented, you’ll also find the slides for my presentation on this page.

Click here for a list of my posters and publications.

Current professional affiliations: SHARP; Electronic Literature Organization