Shake Dem Halloween Bones, Y’all!

I had an über-frightening post on the history of copyright law lined up for today, but then thought that others may not appreciate the Halloween treat. So, instead, I give you this: eight book-themed costumes, stolen from various places around the web.

Curious George
I’ve never been much of a Curious George fan, but this might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. If I ever have a child, I’m dressing it like this. Not just for Halloween, but for always.

gingerhaze: beyondtheseawaiting: jacobschmacob: O.O the best!! This is going to be my Halloween costume. I need someone to be Bill Nye and someone to be Carmen Sandiego, and we’ll be all set. too much love for the friz.  TOO MUCH LOVE.  also liz.  also WHOEVER THIS IS.  (rhymez yeeeee)
Ms. Frizzle
Yes, The Magic School Bus was also a book series. And yes, it was amazing.
But you know what else is amazing? THOSE SHOES. AND THAT DRESS. Okay, so the whole ensemble is just perfect.
Also, that girl in the background looks like someone I know.

Nook vs. Kindle
Or, if you’re in Canada, replace the Nook with the Kobo. Or – even better – replace the Nook with an actual book costume. THE BOOK VS. THE EREADER. All the people in my book history courses would love it. And, I mean, come on – who wouldn’t want to see a book and a Kindle battle it out? Go book, go! Beat the batteries out of that Kindle. Show it who’s boss.

Magaret Atwood
This, my friends, is one of those moments that words would just ruin. Moving on.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t actually read Moby-Dick. Just slap a “Hello, my name is…” sticker on and pretty soon you’ll be surrounded by a mob of English majors eager to tell you all about the book.
Actually, come to think of it, maybe this costume isn’t such a great idea after all.

Who doesn’t love searching for Waldo? This costume is perfect for guys and gals of any age, and there are even some pictures of dogs decked out in Waldo attire.

The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree
“A told B and B told C… I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree!” Will there be enough room? Evidently so, as this girl seems to have made room for all of the letters. But just you wait, coconut tree. Someone might see you standing there, overflowing with Qs and Ts and Ls and Ys, and deem you a safety hazard. Someone might be sent to cut you down. Don’t worry, though – the Margaret Atwood guy will probably climb up and sit in you to protest. That would, after all, be a very Margaret Atwood thing to do.

Homemade Death Note Ryuk Costume
What’s that? You haven’t read Death Note?
Run – don’t walk – to your nearest bookstore and pick up the entire series. Then read it. Read all of it.

And if these costumes don’t tickle your fancy, just grab a red hunting cap and be Holden Caulfield. Everyone likes Holden Caulfield.
Especially those Moby-Dick-loving English students.

Okay, scrap the hunting cap. Just stay home and read your Death Note books.

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