Christmas Countdown: 3 More Sleeps!

Image on the 2011 Christmas card, a woodcut depicting the three kings bearing gifts before a flaxen-haired Virgin Mary and the Christ child
Random early printed book, unknown folio, fifteenth century

Unless the Society of Antiquaries of London (of which the amazing Christopher de Hamel is a Fellow) is lying to us, this image is from a fifteenth-century book – an incunabulum, if you will. The Society decided to use the image for its Christmas cards, which are priced at a reasonable £7 for a pack of ten.

I’ve never seen a font like the one in this image. This font (I wouldn’t call it a script, as we’re talking about a printed book) seems to be somewhere between a lettre de somme and a roman. The lowercase d makes me uncertain.

I don’t know. I never claimed to be an expert in fonts.

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