A Fast Reader’s Thoughts on Spritz

I asked Sarah at Lady Lazarus what she thought about Spritz, as she’s a naturally fast reader and a current Library Sciences student.
She has some interesting thoughts! Check it out.

Sarah Morrison

Spritz is the New Big Thing right now. It’s been covered by everyone from the CBC  to CNN , from Endgadget  to PCWorld , and from  Tumblr  to Time . I’ve kind of casually read about it but not really paid it much attention until now.

Leah over at Book History, Illuminated posted about her own views on this new wunder-app. Knowing that I read quite quickly naturally, she wanted to know what I thought about it. I thought I’d oblige! First though, a bit of background about me.

Some of Us Just Read at Unnatural Speeds, OK?

I’ve always read very quickly. As a benchmark, I tried the Spritz app, and at 500 wpm I was feeling quite comfortable. I can read a novel in a day if I’m not doing anything else. It actually took me a while to realize that my reading speed was a bit…

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