Around the Text of a Book

This, dear readers, is why I love marginalia.

My Journey to the Acknowledgements

The library just opened and you run in to find a book to read on your day off. Your friend told you about this great book, the book everyone is reading it and you need to find out why everyone loves it. You walk through the aisle, running your fingers along the spines of the books. You find your section, then row, and finally the book. You grab it and return to the desk, where it will be scanned and stamped, before running back to your car.

You get home and start some water for tea, and eat a quick lunch before grabbing the book and heading outside. The wind blows gently, and you sink into your favorite chair. The one that is perfectly placed so that you can sit in the shade, and the sun won’t shine in your eyes.

You open to the first page and begin your…

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