Sunday Book-Thought 17

In the largest sense, every discipline is, in certain respects, the handmaiden of others. Is the study of books to be doomed to perpetual servitude to all others? Like jurisprudence, it demands a knowledge of all things human and divine, since the subjects of books are equally diverse. If ever there was a subject (in modern academic jargon) ‘interdisciplinary,’ it is the study of books, since they are the most important and (next to coins) numerous of human artifacts; they are vital witnesses to the progress of civilization. The subject is important enough to be recognized as something that stands by itself. Like many ‘new’ areas of study, for example anthropology, it does not fit into a conventional academic framework. It does not apply a specific discipline (such as history or physics) to all events, but all disciplines to specific events, in this case books.
Thomas R. Adams and Nicolas Barker

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