Sunday Book-Thought 20

Librarianship, as a profession, needs to stop fetishizing books. Sure, they look really nice lined up all pretty on the shelf, and half of us getting into the profession probably did so because we love books, we grew up reading and went to library story time, and we love the smell of books (at least until we start to sneeze). Perhaps we need a new name; perhaps we should all put “information professional” on our business cards because we are no longer simply caretakers of books. We are caretakers of information. And when we focus all our energy on the fraction of information that is contained in books, it’s as if the whole richness of programming to be found in a library can be ignored or reduced to the question of whether, on the way out, someone checked out a book.
The knowledge the person gained at whatever activity he or she participated in does not count because it didn’t come from something with a barcode on it.
Intrinsic motivation: Let’s find what people really war and then put barcodes on that.
R. David Lankes

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