Dissertation Diary: So It (Really) Begins!

As promised, I’m writing here to keep track of my progress on my dissertation. I guess I’m writing for my mother, whom I know will love the update, but I’m mostly writing for myself. I think I need to prove to myself how much work I’ve already done on this dissertation. It seems like a crazy workload, but I’ve handled much more before and I can no doubt do it again!

After speaking to my supervisor this weekend, I feel like I have the direction I need to continue moving forward after hitting a bit of a lull. Plus, it’s nice to have someone else tell you that your ideas are solid and that your work is important. Sure, I’m still working things out, but I am definitely on the right track.

I’ve begun putting my thoughts on paper, but at the moment I’m mostly just reading everything I can get my hands on. INCLUDING THIS BABY, which is available for free online:

You can do this, Leah!

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