Dissertation Diary: And That’s All She Wrote

Well, readers, the dissertation has been submitted. The markers now hold months’ worth of my work, printed and bound.

And now I am sitting in a Starbucks, wondering what to do next.

Seriously, school’s over. I have nothing else to work on. I’m just sitting here, drinking an overpriced-but-delicious drink. Here’s proof:

Photo on 2015-09-16 at 5.12 PM

On a grander scale, I’m sort of stranded in London for the time being. Hm.

Since handing my dissertation in yesterday (and then celebrating by seeing Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet at the Barbican), I still have not reached any feeling of things actually having come to a close. My research isn’t done yet – there’s still so much to discover.

PhD, anyone?

Yeah, PhD.


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