Sunday Book-Thought 97

Because reading removes the barrier between subject and object, the division takes place within the reader. Reading induces a doubling of the reader’s subjectivity, so that one can be placed at the disposal of the text while the other remains with the reader. Now, this doubling presents a problem, for in fact there is only one subject present – the reader. The text – the words on the page – has been written by the writer, but meaning is always a matter of interpretation. The subjectivity rouses to life by reading, while it may be attributed to the author, is nevertheless not a separate subjectivity but a projection of the subjectivity of the reader.
– Patrocinio P. Schweickart, ‘Reading Ourselves: Toward a Feminist Theory of Reading’, in Readers and Reading, ed by Andrew Bennett (New York: Longman, 1995), pp. 66-93 (pp. 84-85).

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