Sunday Book-Thought 112

In essence, we still don’t know what machines are capable of, because so much of the effort over the years has been to try to produce machines that function correctly. Why don’t we put our attention somewhere else? I’m sure we’ll be able to discover endless amounts of interesting, creative possibilities. Instead of being monomaniacally focused on efficiency, function, expedience, outcomes, production – what if we pursue different virtues?
Alexander R. Galloway [in an an interview by Martina Leeker], ‘Intervening Infrastructures: Ad Hoc Networking and Liberated Computer Language’, in Interventions in Digital Cultures: Technology, the Political, Methods, ed. by Howard Caygill, Martina Leeker, and Tobias Schulze (Lüneburg: meson press, 2017), pp. 60-72 (p. 72).

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