Happy 2020!

Another year, another list of resolutions. Click here for the 2018 resolutions; click here for my 2019 resolutions.

2020 will be the third year I make my new year’s resolutions public. Last year’s resolutions were mostly kept, so I’m chuffed about that. This year, though, I’m easing up a bit. In the past year, I’ve begun what is undoubtedly a long process of realising what my priorities actually are, and what I need and want both professionally and personally. I’m at a point where I’m staring into a dark and seemingly vast chasm of possibilities. It’s a privileged place to be, but it’s also overwhelming, so I have decided to go into 2020 one step at a time.

I have also decided to go into 2020 with an ear that is consciously pointed towards my heart. There have been so many moments in the last few years where I have heard what my heart is screaming at me to do and I have rationalised my way out. This year, I’m going to establish a better and most respectful relationship with myself.

Bring it on, 2020. I’m ready.

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