Future Research Projects

Occasionally, I’m hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration that gets me thinking ‘Hey, this needs to be a full research project.’ This page serves as a place for me to list all of the projects that I would be particularly interested in developing and undertaking.

This list is by no means comprehensive – it’s just here to give people a feel for the kinds of work that I could see myself doing in the future. The descriptions are vague so that no one walks off with my research questions and methods, but I’d be happy to talk about any of these projects one-on-one.

Books, Visualised

This project considers representations of codex books in visual and interactive media like films, television, and video/computer games. It explores how the visual inclusions of codex books influence viewers/players’ interpretations of current scenes. Why are books included? What are the effects of that inclusion?

‘But is it art?’: Social Perceptions of Computer-Generated Output

This project investigates the long-standing question posed by many when faced with computer-generated output: ‘But is it art?’ This project considers conventional understandings of what art (including visual art, text, and other aesthetic material) actually is, and how computational involvement in the production of such material conforms to and/or affronts those understandings. It considers the history of this question, as well as why this question has remained unanswered.

Genetic Criticism of Electronic Literature

Genetic criticism refers to the literary studies approach that focuses on how an author develops a text. It is a well-established approach that has been applied to a wide range of literary genres. However, genetic criticism has hardly been applied to instances of digital-born texts. This project applies genetic criticism to a particular type of digital-born text: electronic literature. Drawing heavily from physical and digital archives, it conducts genetic critiques of selected works of electronic literature, and presents a framework for other researchers to use in their own genetic critiques of such work.

Narratives of Artificial Intelligence

The meaning behind this title is twofold, referring to the narratives produced by technologies applying artificial intelligence (AI) for text generation, as well as the narratives about those technologies. The former extends my doctoral research, offering a survey of the current state of computational text generation. The latter, though, is the truly novel part of this project: an investigation into social perceptions of AIs that interact with humans through natural languages.

Yippie for the Yippies

Sometime during my MA, I fell in love with the history, culture, and material output of the Youth International Party (the Yippies). The Party was founded at the end of 1967, and led highly visible protests to just about everything under the sun – all under the influence of various psychedelic substances. I know a lot about the Yippies, and would be interested in sharing this knowledge through some kind of research project. This one is very much on my mental back-burner, but more concrete ideas are slowly starting to boil.