I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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EAC801: Marketing and the Magazine Business

Seminar Leader
Loughborough University
2019-2020, Semester 1

In this Part C (third-year) undergraduate module, compulsory for Publishing students, students are taught and encouraged:

  • to explore marketing theory, and its concepts and applications to different sectors of the publishing industry
  • to develop and practice marketing skills
  • to situate current marketing developments in the longer history of the publishing industry

EAA200: How to Do Things with Digital Texts

Guest Lecturer
Loughborough University
25 + 26 March 2019

In this Part A (first-year) undergraduate module, compulsory for students registered on the English with Digital Humanities course, students are introduced to numerous digital approaches to literary analysis. In my four hours as a guest lecturer, I taught students the basics of R for literary analysis. Over two lectures, students learned how to prepare texts for statistical analysis, conduct basic analyses of these texts, and generate and modify visualisations using various R functions.

Fashion Communication & Emerging Media (Concept Development)

Visiting Lecturer
Sheffield Hallam University
19 March 2019

The first hour of this visiting lecture reviewed my doctoral research about natural language generation, introducing approximately 50 second- and third-year undergraduate fashion students to the concept of computer-generated texts and the extent of this textual phenomenon. The following two hours offered an interactive overview of artificial intelligence. In particular, students were encouraged to consider the many ways that artificial intelligence technologies may be applied to the fashion industry, as well as the aesthetics of artificial intelligence representations. Artificial intelligence is blue (search ‘artificial intelligence’ on Google Images to see for yourself).

EAB805: Children’s Reading

Module Co-Teacher and Seminar Leader
Loughborough University
2018 – 2019, Semester 2
2017 – 2018, Semester 2

In this Part B (second-year) undergraduate module, compulsory for Publishing students, students are taught and encouraged:

  • to demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the roles of reading and information for the development of the child
  • to describe the historical development of reading material for children
  • to explore the options for the delivery of services and information to children of all ages
  • to critically assess the range of sources accessible to children
  • to investigate the wide range of literary genres available to children

In the 2017 – 2018 academic year, this module received 100% positive feedback on development of student understanding, clear assessment requirements, useful feedback, and organisation. I personally received 100% positive student feedback on clear communication, subject enthusiasm, and responses to requests for advice and support.

Networking Practical

Workshop Co-Leader (in collaboration with the Loughborough University Careers Network)
Loughborough University
25 April 2018 + 18 June 2018

This practical workshop, geared towards postgraduate research students and research staff, teaches participants how to write an effective elevator pitch, make initial contact with another person, and gain confidence talking about their research in a way others can understand.