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Who am I?

This is where I’m going to tell the world all about myself.

For now, here’s a photo of me picking strawberries (June 2017).

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Academic Work

I’m a doctoral student based atĀ Loughborough University‘s School of the Arts, English and Drama. Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering who the heck thought it’d be a good idea to omit the Oxford comma in my School’s name.

Click here to learn more about my doctoral research (link available soonish).

Think you may have met me at a conference?
Click here for a page that lists all of the conferences I’ve recently attended.
If I presented, you’ll also find the slides for my presentation on this page.


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Administrative Work

Life is hard. Spreadsheets help.

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Building Academic Communities

I’ve helped build and maintain some pretty rad academic communities. Watch this space.