Sunday Book-Thought 45

The sound track conjures up the image track – Word came before image – Shut off the sound track on your TV set and put in your own sound track words music what you will – Now play back your sound track and you will see the images sharp and clear – I recorded sound tracks of TV and film programs – mixing in suggestions from Rewrite to microphones and radio cruise cars – So i press a button a record all sounds and voices of the city – So i press a button to feed back these sounds with cut-ins a few seconds later, you are still watching a TV program or listening to the juke box – A few seconds later you are hearing the same words from my broadcast with cut-ins from Rewrite – Of course i cut in bulletins from Rewrite with all popular songs using music as punctuation – (Singing came before talking) – I folded the bulletins in with newspapers, magazines and novels – I put them out mixed with street sounds and talk wind and rain and lapping water and birdcalls – Well – Word evokes image – & % $ $ ‘N:? – Singing came before talking – Shut the whole machine off – Rub out the word – There is no one there to hear it – Nothing here now but the recordings may not refuse vision in setting forth – the story of one absent today.
William S. Burroughs

Sunday Book-Thought 39

Leaflets, posters, newsletters, pamphlets and other printed matter are important to any revolution. A printing workshop is a definite need in all communities, regardless of size. It can vary from a garage with a mimeograph machine to a mammoth operation complete with printing presses and fancy photo equipment. With less than a hundred dollars and some space, you can begin this vital service. It’ll take a while before you get into printing greenbacks, phone identification papers and credit cards like the big boys, but to walk a mile you must start with one step as Gutenberg once said.
Abbie Hoffman