Dissertation Diary: Level 1 Completed!

Readers, today is the day.

Not the day that Zayn Malik announced his leaving One Direction (although that certainly did happen). Not the day that I spent most of the afternoon colouring Christmas-themed pictures with my classmates while watching The Royals (although that certainly did happen as well).


Today is the day that my MA dissertation adventure finally begins. My proposal has been officially submitted!

Now we wait for it to be approved.

I’ve decided that I would like to document my process of researching, and writing, and probably crying over, my dissertation. Partly so I can keep myself on track, and partly because I know my mother will appreciate the updates.

But until my proposal is approved and I can actually start doing hardcore work that gives me cool things to write about here, I leave y’all with some photos of my afternoon. Enjoy.

Colouring! Our masterpieces.

She Lives!

Dear readers,

I am sorry for neglecting you. Lately my blog has gotten quite a few more hits than usual, and I feel guilty for not regularly updating. While I am sure none of you really care about my lack of updates, it is simply in my Canadian nature to feel guilty for things that I probably shouldn’t feel guilty about. Bear with me.

That being said, I’d say that I have pretty good reasons for not updating. As many of you know, I recently moved to the other side of the world and am still finding myself somewhat culture-shocked. Dear readers, it is not a good idea to tell English people that you love their pants, and then ask where they bought them – it really throws them off their guard. Additionally, I recently began my master’s program in Book History, and am utterly overwhelmed with how little work I am actually expected to do.

So I am writing here to tell you that I hope to get back to more regular updates soon. I am still very much alive and, since my master’s program is failing to serve as an outlet for my enthusiasm for this field, I am determined to continue sharing my knowledge and love for book history with you via this blog. Stick around!