Sunday Book-Thought 39

Leaflets, posters, newsletters, pamphlets and other printed matter are important to any revolution. A printing workshop is a definite need in all communities, regardless of size. It can vary from a garage with a mimeograph machine to a mammoth operation complete with printing presses and fancy photo equipment. With less than a hundred dollars and some space, you can begin this vital service. It’ll take a while before you get into printing greenbacks, phone identification papers and credit cards like the big boys, but to walk a mile you must start with one step as Gutenberg once said.
Abbie Hoffman

Sunday Book-Thought 28

Do you know any kid in the world who wants to grow up and be like Richard M. Nixon?
We yippies are cocky because we know HISTORY WILL ABSOLVE US.
The history books will see us – the freeks, not the straights – as the heroes of the 1970’s.
We know that because we are going to write the history books.
Jerry Rubin